Monday July 3

08h00-08h50 Reception/Registration

08h50-09h00 Symposium opening


Session 1 - Roles of the environment in resistance evolution and transmission

Chair: Sabine Favre-Bonté
Co-chair & keynote speaker: Ashley SHADE


09h00-09h40:   Ashley SHADE
Antibiotic resistance and production genes in the soil microbiome given anthropogenic disturbance: insights from the Centralia coal seam fire

09h40-09h55:  Ashlyn H. Strickland, Sarah A. Murray, Javier Vinasco, Jason E. Sawyer, Harvey M. Scott, Brent. W. Auvermann, Jack Bush, and Keri N. Norman 
Metagenomic analysis of the bacterial community structure within cattle feces, the feedyard environment, and particulate matter as a function of antibiotics, probiotics, and environmental manipulation

09h55-10h10:  Gonçalo MACEDO, Joost HORDIJK, Pieter VAN VEELEN, Lucia HERNANDEZ LEAL, Alex BOSSERS, Asmus Kalckar OLESEN, Søren J. SøRENSEN, Dik HEEDERIK, Dik MEVIUS, and Heike SCHMITT
The effect of manure amendment on the soil grassland resistome

10h10-10h25:  Michaela Ruzickova, Kristina Nesporova, Jana Palkovicova, Simon Krejci, Ivan Literak, and Monika Dolejska
Dynamics of cephalosporin-resistant in Escherichia coli in gulls highlight the importance of longitudinal wildlife studies

10h25-10h40:  Dayana JARMA, Oriol SACRISTÁN-SORIANO, Francisco HORTAS, Juan M. PERALTA-SÁNCHEZ, Alexandre SÁNCHEZ-MELSIÓ, José L. BALCÁZAR, Carles M. BORREGO, and Marta I. SÁNCHEZ
Spatial spreading of antibiotic resistance genes by gulls

10h40-11h10:  Coffee break/Poster

11h10-11h25:  Charlène SAGRILLO, Christophe MERLIN, and Xavier BELLANGER 
Compartmentalization of antibiotic resistance between phages and bacteria in a river - wastewater treatment plant continuum

11h25-11h40:  Caroline WYBRANIEC, Geneviève GAGNE, Cécile MOUSSARD, Marion BEAUPERE, Léa LUSURIER, Françoise LERICHE, Laurence MARJOLET1, Nicolas SERTILLANGES, Dominique PATUREAU, Benoit COURNOYER, and Wessam GALIA 
Occurrence of 41 sanitary indicators in digestates derived from different anaerobic digestion processes and various raw organic wastes

11h40-11h55:  Brune Joannard, Timothy M. Vogel, and Concepcion Sanchez-Cid
Microplastics increase the selective potential of antibiotics at sub-inhibitory concentrations

11h55-12h10:  Federica PIERGIACOMO, Franck LEJZEROWICZ, Tam TRAN, Atif A. CHOWDURY, Luciano BENEDUCE, Odd-Gunnar WIKMARK, Leonardo PAGANI, Alexander EILER, and Lorenzo BRUSETTI
Do microplastics offer a suitable surface for antibiotic resistance spread into the open environment?

12h10-12h25:  Florent Rossi, Eloïse Lebras, Eric Defert, Nathalie Turgeon, Marc Veillette, Jean-Luc Baray, Pierre Amato, and Caroline Duchaine
Can antimicrobial resistance genes travel across the Atlantic Ocean?

12h30-14h00:  Lunch

Session 2 - Monitoring and molecular epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance

Chair: Jean-Yves MADEC
Co-chair & keynote speaker: Muna ANJUM

14h00-14h40:  Muna ANJUM
Use of genomics to characterise antimicrobial resistances present within livestock on UK farms

14h40-14h55:  Olgica CERIC, Jake GUAG, Sarah PELOQUIN, Amy MERRILL, Chih-Hao HSU, Claudine KABERA, and Gregory H. TYSON
The role of FDA’s Veterinary Laboratory investigation and response network in monitoring antimicrobial resistance of animal pathogens

14h55-15h10:  Henrike KRÜGER-HAKER, Xing JI, Dennis HANKE, Stefan FIEDLER, Andrea T. FEßLER, Nansong JIANG, Heike KASPAR, Yang WANG, Congming WU, and Stefan SCHWARZ
Genomic diversity of porcine LA-MRSA CC398 isolates collected in the German national resistance monitoring program GERM-Vet between 2007 and 2019

15h10-15h25:  Janine Muller, Yuhong LIU, Ilhan Mohammad, Brendan Rodoni, and Fiona Constable
Antimicrobial resistance in pathogenic bacteria of Victorian cattle

15h25-15h40:  Maud de Lagarde, John M. Fairbrother, Marie Archambault, Simon Dufour, David Francoz, Jonathan Massé, and Jean-Philippe Roy
Clonal and plasmidic dissemination of critical antimicrobial resistance genes in dairy cattle in Québec, Canada

15h40-15h55:  Virginie GUÉRIN, Nicolas CABANEL, Damien THIRY, Jacques MAINIL, Marc SAULMONT, and Philippe GLASER
A phylogeny study of ß-lactam-resistant E. coli from Belgian calves

15h55-16h05:  Amelie BARTHELEMY (StandardBio Tools)
Setting the new benchmarks in automated and cost-effective qPCR and NGS assay using a single platform

16h10-16h40:  Coffee break/Poster

16h45-17h00:  Ahmad I. AL-MUSTAPHA, Emmanuel AJ. AWOSANYA, Victoria O. ADETUNJI, and Annamari HEIKINHEIMO
Multidrug-resistant Escherichia coli isolated from slaughtered broilers in Ilorin, Nigeria

17h00-17h15:  Moniek RINGENIER, Filip BOYEN, Sigrid C.J. DE KEERSMAECKER, Kevin VANNESTE, Bert BOGAERTS, Mathias DEVREESE, and Jeroen DEWULF
Fluoroquinolone resistance in E. coli in broilers: mapping the spread

17h15-17h30:  Alicia MANZANARES, Florencia CORREA-FIZ, Teresa AYATS, Miquel NOFRARÍAS, and Marta CERDÀ-CUÉLLAR
In-vitro validation of AMR genes prevalence revealed by WGS in Campylobacter jejuni isolated from chicken livers in Spain

17h30-17h45:  Ojas DIXIT, Aidan PREUSS, and Claire L O’BRIEN
Antimicrobial resistance determinants in bacteria isolated from retail chicken and pork meat across New South Wales, Australia

17h45-18h00:  Ramon P. MALUPING, Remedios F. MICU, Thomas CHISNALL, Alistair DAVIES, Evelyn E. EMBESTRO, Mary Ann ESCOTO, Mildred A. PADILLA, and Roderick CARD
Prevalence of Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactam (ESBL) and colistin resistance in Escherichia coli isolated from broiler chickens in dressing plants in the Philippines

18h00-18h15:  Joel Javid, Emmanuelle Moreau, Lionel Pinneau, Niki Hayatgheib, Claire Maltret, Segolene Calvez, and Nora Navarro-Gonzalez
Risk factors for antimicrobial resistant Aeromonas spp. and Escherichia coli in the rainbow trout farm environment in Brittany, NW France

18h15-19h00: Poster session

19h00: Welcome reception


Tuesday July 4


Session 2 - continued


09h00-09h40:  Windi Muziasari
Abundance and diversity of antibiotic resistance genes in different types of environmental samples: 5 years of Resistomap

09h40-09h55:  Lorcan O’NEILL, Maria RODRIGUES da COSTA, Finola C. LEONARD, Fiona CRISPIE, Raul CABRERA-RUBIO, Rachel GRIMES, and Edgar GARCIA MANZANILLA
The evolution of the faecal resistome is shaped by age and antimicrobial use during the pig lifecycle

09h55-10h10:  Mike BROUWER, Alieda van ESSEN-Zandbergen, Yvon Geurts, Frank Harders, and Kees Veldman
Genetic analysis of ampC promotor mutants of E. coli from livestock exhibiting resistance to extended-spectrum cephalosporins

10h10-10h25:  Sabine Delannoy, Corine HOFFER, Raphaëlle YOUF, Emilie Dauvergne, Hattie E. WEBB, Thomas BRAUGE, Mai-Lan TRAN, Graziella MIDELET, Sophie A. GRANIER, Marisa HAENNI, Patrick FACH, and Anne Brisabois
High throughput screening of antimicrobial resistance genes in Gram-negative seafood bacteria

10h25-10h40:  Sandra MARTÍNEZ-ÁLVAREZ, Pierre CHÂTRE, Úrsula HÖFLE, Carla Andrea ALONSO, Pauline FRANÇOIS, Teresa CARDONA-CABRERA, Myriam ZARAZAGA, Jean-Yves MADEC, Marisa HAENNI, and Carmen TORRES
High occurrence of carbapenemase- and extended-spectrum-β-lactamase-producing Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae from migratory birds (Ciconia ciconia) with detection of high-risk clones

10h45-11h15:  Coffee break/Poster

11h10-11h25:  Maeve Louise Farrell, Georgios Miliotis, Firinne Kelly, Evan Naughton, Brigid Hooban, Alexandra Chueiri, Mark Maguire, Louise O’ Connor, Martin Cormican, Niamh Cahill, Kelly Fitzhenry, Aoife Joyce, Sinead Duane, Liam P. Burke, and Dearbhaile Morris
Assessing the resistome and virulome of human and environmental Escherichia coli isolates

11h25-11h40:  Camille FAVIER, Mylène TOUBIANA, Olivier COUILLEROT, Elodie PICHON, Patricia LICZNAR-FAJARDO, and Estelle JUMAS-BILAK
Wastewater-based Epidemiology (WBE): toward a relevant tool to monitor hospital antimicrobial resistance

11h40-11h55:  Andrea OTTESEN, Brandon KOCUREK, Shawn BEHLING, Claudine KABERA, Patrick MCDERMOTT, and Errol STRAIN
Metagenomic survey of antimicrobial resistance in surface waters of Maryland with high and low human impact classifications

11h55-12h10:  Iva SUKKAR, Adam VALCEK, Martin KLVANA, Jarmila LAUSOVA, Kristina NESPOROVA, Jana PALKOVICOVA, and Monika DOLEJSKA
Gram-negative bacteria resistant to last-line antibiotics from hospital and municipal wastewaters

12h10-12h25:  Mélanie PIMENTA, Degrâce BATANTOU, Margaux GASCHET, Stéphanie GUYOMARD, Marie-Cécile PLOY, Sébastien BREUREC, and Christophe DAGOT on behalf of the ANR ACRAS-R consortium
One-Health AMR spread in a French Caribbean island

12h30-14h00:  Lunch

Session 3 - Mechanisms and dissemination of antimicrobial resistance in animal and zoonotic pathogens

Co-chair & keynote speaker:  Séamus FANNING

14h00-14h40:  Séamus FANNING
Klebsiella a hitherto underappreciated zoonotic pathogen expressing AMR phenotypes of importance to One Health

14h40-14h55:  Valentina Donà, Sonja Kittl, Andrea Endimiani, and Vincent Perreten
WGS-based characterization of emerging pathogenic OXA-48-producing Enterobacter hormaechei belonging to ST114 and ST418 in a Swiss companion animal clinic

14h55-15h10:  Jana PALKOVICOVA, Adam VALCEK, and Monika DOLEJSKA
Massive plasticity of IncHI2-ST3 plasmids encoding clinically important IMP-4 in bacteria from silver gulls

15h10-15h25:  Laurent POIREL, Otávio Hallal Ferreira Raro, and Patrice Nordmann
Determining the impact of veterinary antibiotics sub dosage on resistance transfer in animal gut microbiota - a One-Health approach

15h25-15h40:  Suad ALGARNI, Jing HAN, Dereje GUDETA, Rajesh NAYAK, and Steven L. FOLEY
In silico analyses of Incompatibility group (Inc) HI2 plasmids from enteric bacteria

15h40-15h55:  Indre NAVICKAITE, Harry HOLMES, Letizia DONDI, Luke RANDALL, Catherine FEARNLEY, Emma TAYLOR, Edward FULLICK, Manal ABUOUN, Christopher TEALE, and Muna F. ANJUM
Investigation of rmtB-harbouring Salmonella and Escherichia coli from a pig farm

16h00-16h30:  Coffee break

16h35-16h50:  Xingyang DAI, Li CHEN, Junjie SUN, Jinhu HUANG, and Liping WANG
Various mobile genetic elements involved in the dissemination of phenicol-oxazolidinone resistance gene optrA in Streptococcus suis

16h50-17h05:  Seiji YAMASAKI, Ryosuke NAKASHIMA, Takayoshi SUZUKI, and Kunihiko NISHINO
Development of efflux pump MexB and MexY dual inhibitors against multi-drug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa

17h05-17h20:  Katie WALL, Leonard KOOLMAN, Guerrino MACORI, and Séamus FANNING
Glyphosate induces changes to cellular metabolic pathways and selects for antimicrobial resistance in Klebsiella species

17h20-17h35:  Amandine CHAUVIAT, Gwenaëlle GRAULIER, Sylvie NAZARET, and Sabine FAVRE-BONTE
Quinolone resistance and expression of RND efflux pump in Stenotrophomonas spp. under exposure to sub-lethal concentration of nickel

17h35-17h55:  Emilie DEHON, Alban MATHIEU, Arnaud DROIT, Timothy M. VOGEL, and Concepcion SANCHEZ-CID
Heavy metals may increase ARG persistence in the environment


20h00-Midnight:  Gala dinner


Wednesday July 5


Session 4 - Understanding the connection of antimicrobial resistance between Animals and Humans

Chair:  Laurent POIREL
Co-chair & keynote speaker:  Vincent PERRETEN

09h00-09h40:  Vincent PERRETEN
WGS-based relationship between multidrug-resistant bacteria from humans and animals: emphasis on CPE and MRSA

09h40-09h55:  Rajesh NAYAK, Jing HAN, and Steven L. FOLEY
U.S. FDA’s National Center for toxicological research AMR research: applications across the One Health Continuum

09h55-10h10:  Juliette Hayer, Ella MARCY, Mallorie Hidé, Savatey HAK, Sivhour CHIEK, Navin SRENG, Meymey LEM, Rina DORK, Chiva MA, Gauthier DELVALLEZ, Patrice PIOLA, Véronique CHEVALIER, Anne-Laure Bañuls, and Sokleaph Cheng
Investigating the circulation of AMR between animals, humans and their environment in Cambodia - ARCAHE

10h10-10h25:  Sakib RAHMAN, and Aidan HOLLIS
The effect of antibiotic usage on resistance in humans and food-producing animals: a longitudinal, one-health study using European data

10h30-11h00:  Coffee break/Poster

Comparative genomics of Escherichia coli ST131 of human, animal and environmental origin from the Czech Republic

11h20-11h35:  Joyshri SARKER, Aylar SABA SHIRVAN, Céline DAVID, Stephane CORVEC, Eric BATARD, Maria UGARTE-RUIZ, Ségolène CALVEZ, and Nora NAVARRO-GONZALEZ
Understanding the risks associated with recirculating aquaculture systems: persistence of antimicrobial-resistant Enterococcus spp. and comparison with isolates from human infections

11h35-11h50:  Marta ROZWANDOWICZ, Henrik HASMAN, Mike SM BROUWER, Muna F ANJUM, Stefan BÖRJESSON, Manuela CANIÇA, Jens A HAMMERL, Virginia CARFORA, Benoît DOUBLET, Antoni PA HENDRICKX, Emma ÖSTLUND, Jannice S SLETTEMEÅS, Magdalena ZAJĄC, Pieter-Jan CEYSSENS, Joost HORDIJK, and the Full Force consortium
Successful host adaptation of IncK2 plasmids

11h50-12h05:  Ulrike BINSKER, Kathrin OELGESCHLÄGER, Annemarie KÄSBOHRER, and Jens A. HAMMERL
Indications of transmission of mcr-1.26 IncX4 plasmids along the poultry food chain to humans

12h10-13h40:  Lunch

Session 5 - Novel approaches, methods and tools dedicated to antimicrobial resistance (detection, evolution, diagnostics, surveillance)

Chair: Sébastien LECLERCQ
Co-chair & keynote speaker: Etienne RUPPE

13h40-14h20:  Etienne RUPPE
The present and future in antimicrobial resistance surveillance

14h20-14h35:  Carole KOWALEWICZ, Michael TIMMERMANS, David FRETIN, Pierre WATTIAU, and Cécile BOLAND
An in‐house 45‐plex array for the detection of antimicrobial resistance genes in Gram‐positive bacteria

14h35-14h50:  Yolanda GONZALEZ-FLORES, Margaux GASCHET, Mélanie PIMENTA, Christophe DAGOT, and Marie-Cécile PLOY
Identification of novel antibiotic resistance integron gene cassettes in water samples with different anthropogenic levels

14h50-15h05:  Samuel J. Bloomfield, Aldert L. Zomer, Justin O’GRADY, Gemma L. KAY, John WAIN, Nicol JANECKO, Raphaëlle PALAU, and Alison E. MATHER
Determination and quantification of microbial communities and antimicrobial resistance on food through host DNA-depleted metagenomics

15h05-15h20:  Ouléye SidibE, Anne-Carmen Sanchez, Guillaume Kon-Kam-King, Fanny Calenge, Benoit Doublet, Sylvie Baucheron, Sébastien Leclercq, and Anne-Laure Abraham
Characterization and quantification of antibiotic resistance gene variants in the gut microbiota

15h20-15h35:  Sarah NAUDIN, Aude FERRAN, Pedro IMAZAKI, Nathalie ARPAILLANGE, Camille  MARCUZZO, Maïna VIENNE, Sofia DEMMOU, Felipe RAMON-PORTUGAL, Marlène LACROIX, Claire HOEDE, Maialen BARRET, Véronique DUPOUY, Delphine BIBBAL
Development of an in vitro biofilm model for the study of the impact of fluoroquinolones on sewer biofilm microbiota

15h35-15h50:  Athina ANDREA, Susanne Karlsmose Pedersen, Lauge Holm Sørensen, Jette Sejer Kjeldgaard, and Rene S. Hendriksen
From genotype to antimicrobial resistance (AMR) phenotype prediction: how genomic proficiency tests can facilitate the AMR laboratories’ performance evaluation

15h50-16h05:  Miki IKEBE, Kota AOKI, Mitsuko HAYASHI-NISHINO, and Kunihiko NISHINO
Correlation analysis of bacterial cell morphology and multidrug resistance

16h10-16h25:  Awards for the best oral and poster presentations and Symposium closure